COVID-19 UPDATE As we all do our best to stop the spread of COVID-19, Torrens House has put further measures in place to keep you safe and cared for during this time of uncertainty and increased anxiety. Face-to-face therapy sessions are continuing, with strict safety precautions in place to keep you, the vulnerable in our community and us all safe. In short, we encourage you to maintain your appointments, unless you or anyone in your household has been placed in quarantine for coronavirus, returned from an overseas trip or cruise in the past 14 days, or is experiencing flu-like symptoms; fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. In these situations, we encourage you to call us so we can re-schedule or offer a telehealth or online session. Telehealth or online sessions are also available so you can maintain continuity of your therapy without physically coming to our rooms. Please call Torrens House on 8552 6697 to discuss your situation, as always, we are here to help and to accommodate your needs as we navigate challenges and work towards better mental health for all. From The Clinicians and staff at Torrens House

Couples Counselling

Services and standards:

We provide a one-stop referral service for Medical Practitioners seeking to provide focused couples/marriage counselling to clients (adults only) in relationship management, focused healing and communication.
Following receipt of a referral, the general length of the waiting list is 3+ weeks, unless greater urgency requested. We will contact you by mail or telephone to inform you of your appointment. If you have any specific time frames that are unavailable please contact Torrens House as soon as you hear from us.
Torrens House counsellors and psychologists are highly trained, have approved skills and are committed to the code and conduct of their profession.
This service seeks to provide quality counselling services to improve the mental well being of the patients.  It does not seek to provide medico-legal opinion or Family Court services.  However, non-medical reports or medico-legal services may be provided at the discretion of the counsellor or psychologist.


GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (2710/2717):
To obtain a GP Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to contact and arrange an appointment with your regular GP. This is an assessment referral done by the GP and then forwarded onto us. If eligible, the plan entitles you to the Medicare rebate of up to 10-sessions in a calendar year.

Private Referral:
You can refer yourself to our practice; you will need to cover the full cost of the fees in doing so. Please check with your Private Health Care fund whether you ae eligible for reimbursement.

GP Referral:
This is a single full fee paying referral not covered by Medicare. This referral is made by your regular GP.

Patient Fees (based on 60-minute consultation):

DVA                                                                                                                     Bulk billed (no-gap)

Pensioner and Health Care Card holders                                                               $135.00 - $175.00

Patients with WorkCover, Comcare, other accepted accident                                 3rd Party, No private fees
or insurance claims; also AMP Programs.                                             

General Fees: Claimed either through Medicare or Private Health Fund                 $165.00 - $205.00

Medicare Claims are made Electronically on day of Consult, rebate is 85% of the fees due on the day of consultation.
For Private Health Fund rebates, Please check with your provider for your rebate, we don’t offer electronic reimbursements through private health funds.