COVID-19 UPDATE As we all do our best to stop the spread of COVID-19, Torrens House has put further measures in place to keep you safe and cared for during this time of uncertainty and increased anxiety. Face-to-face therapy sessions are continuing, with strict safety precautions in place to keep you, the vulnerable in our community and us all safe. In short, we encourage you to maintain your appointments, unless you or anyone in your household has been placed in quarantine for coronavirus, returned from an overseas trip or cruise in the past 14 days, or is experiencing flu-like symptoms; fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. In these situations, we encourage you to call us so we can re-schedule or offer a telehealth or online session. Telehealth or online sessions are also available so you can maintain continuity of your therapy without physically coming to our rooms. Please call Torrens House on 8552 6697 to discuss your situation, as always, we are here to help and to accommodate your needs as we navigate challenges and work towards better mental health for all. From The Clinicians and staff at Torrens House

Employee Assistance Program

"On the job" performance depends directly on employees' personal wellbeing. Factors that affect employees' wellbeing impact on their job performance in many ways. Marital and family problems, stress, workplace conflict, discrimination, emotional problems (among many more factors) can all affect individuals' personal welfare. Problems such as these are the target of the Employee Assistance Program being offered.

Personal crises faced by employees have considerable consequences for the employee themselves, as well as effects that extend to those working around them and to the company itself. Employees from any occupational sector can benefit from an Employee Support Program, and research has consistently demonstrated their cost-effectiveness.

Aspects of work performance that can be enhanced through the use of our EAP include:

  • attendance
  • concentration
  • workplace morale
  • quality of work produced
  • communication
  • productivity
  • company PR
  • reduced accident rates - both on and off the job reduced turnover and termination rates

Torrens House offers integrated, tailored programs designed to suit the styles and needs of both the company and its individual employees. Supportive, confidential counselling is provided by appropriately qualified professionals dedicated to helping employees through the problems they experience.

We take pride in our Employee Assistance Program being timely, effective and efficient in meeting the needs of our clients. Whilst the program conforms to the guidelines laid down by the National Association of Employee Assistance Providers, we also endeavour to be innovative in the way in which we deliver and measure the services we provide. The Employee Assistance Program guarantees independence, confidentiality, immediate responsiveness, a twenty-four hour service, and well qualified psychologists with a broad range of skills.

Ask your employer if you are able to attend a Torrens House EAP, or ask them if they are willing to contact us to arrange a service.

Stress management
Effective stress management continues to be of significant concern to individuals and organisations. Torrens House Clinicians provide well-researched and practical training programs to groups, as well as support and strategies to those people seeking a more tailored approach to their situation.

Our one-day training program is based upon a holistic approach and includes the following modules:

Identification of stress symptoms
Work and non-work related causes of stress
Individual and organisational stress management strategies including:

  • Communication
  • Assertion
  • Relaxation
  • Conflict Resolution

Each person is provided with a workbook that contains relevant information and strategies and the format of the course is both interactive and informative.

Many individuals attend workshops run by Torrens House clinicians, to learn and apply stress management strategies and referrals are received from medical practitioners and organisations.

Injury Treatment and Assessment

Torrens House clinicians’ offers a unique approach to injury treatment and assessment centred round their program called “Work Coaching”.

The program aims to help the person attain the psychological resilience necessary to withstand the considerable impact that an injury can have on their career, relationship, and overall quality of life. The program commences at an early stage of the injury treatment and is aimed at providing specific and practical support strategies with clear goals and a target ensuring the person maintains a high level of motivation and control.

Both medical practitioners, organisations and clients because of the following features, have enthusiastically received this psychological approach:

  • Practical and commonsense approach to injury rehabilitation.
  • Clarifying purpose, goals, priorities and strategies.
  • Emphasis upon maintaining psychological resilience.
  • Provides an easily understood format to communicate progress to interested parties.
  • Concerns can be identified and resolved at an early stage in the injury management process.
  • The responsibility for physical and psychological improvement remains with the person.

The program commences at the three month stage of the injury treatment and consists of an initial three sessions to gather the information, identify the specific areas of concern, and formulate the required strategy. Regular monthly sessions are held to monitor progress and vary the program where necessary.

Torrens House clinicians also offer injured workers psychological assistance in the following areas:

  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Trauma
  • Vocational assessment

If you would like to enquire further about these services and fees involved please contact Torrens house on (08) 8552 6697